Grime is widely regarded as the defining “English” sound, born in East London and spreading like wildfire in the UK. However, over the years, the sound has found many homes across the globe, with thriving Grime cultures in Russia, Japan, and mainland Europe. The largest of these international Grime hubs though is undeniably found in the heart of Brazil, with names such as Cesrv, Fleezus and Febem leading the pack and gaining international recognition from Grime fans and musicians across the world.

In celebration of this, legendary UK label ‘Butterz’, founded by the DJs & Producers Elijah and Skilliam, has teamed up with the three Brazilian frontrunners to drop the first-ever Brazilian Grime release available on vinyl, with their new ‘BRIME!’ EP. Butterz tells us that Cesrv, Fleezus and Febem spent months holed up in a Bela Vista studio exploring the sonic and cultural similarities” between Grime and Baile Funk, a sound born in the favelas of Rio De Janeiro and reimagined by the youth of São Paulo, resulting in the cultural crossover which is the BRIME!‘ EP, a “unique reinterpretation of Baile Funk rhythms through traditional and contemporary Grime, Drill and Garage sounds” with features from London-based artists Jevon and Teeboi.

The release of the ‘BRIME!‘ EP is truly groundbreaking and the impact is being felt back in Brazil, as Butterz tells us that the sound is “now percolating through all of Brazil’s urban strongholds at 140 beats per minute“, so be sure to grab a  ‘BRIME!’ EP vinyl HERE.