My favourite sets and mixes from the past seven days.


Kruz Leone is promoting the release of his latest song, “Slide” by going to as many sets as possible and duppying each and and every one of them. Here’s the next instalment of this promo run as he jumps in a solo set with Jedah. He’s at 110% from the go and doesn’t let the energy drop. 20 minutes of unadulterated corn.


This one was a proper fun listen. IAMGRIME introduced a “Royal Rumble” segment to their Rinse FM show, with Jack Dat, Charisma and Mr Furious swinging it out with their heaviest dubs. If that’s not enough to get you to listen, then I’ll tell you Charisma blended a French Montana edit with Fall in Love by Sanchez. Iconic.


SI*BL jumped in the guest mix for Obligs Rinse FM show last week and killed it. Tight mixing, some nice chops and fun selection, mixing in some older vocals and edits. You wouldn’t know it was his first time on Rinse init?