After a week full on send we have made it to the first Friday of the Month. Meaning not only is it New Music Friday, but it is also Bandcamp Friday. To celebrate both we have rounded this weeks releases to make sure you don’t miss out.

Here’s what we found:

Crafty 893 – Boot It

Crafty 893 drops the long awaited ‘Boot It‘ LP, featuring nothing but Crafty 893 vocals and production.

Blay Vision x Capo Lee – Northern Lights

Blay Vision calls on Capo Lee for this 4-track collaborative EP

Chowerman x namesbliss – Tunnel Vision

Chowerman and namesbliss join forces on ‘Tunnel Vision‘.

Tintz – Lurkin

Tintz links zip with HITPOINT on his latest single ‘Lurkin‘ which sees an early release on Bandcamp.

Splurt Diablo – HELL-O-WEEN

Returning from a brief hiatus, Splurt Diablo drops a 23-track instrumental project to Bandcamp to get us in the Halloween mood.

Jakebob – The Seventh Dimension

Jakebob drops a 8-track Bandcamp exclusive project featuring nothing but instrumentals entitled ‘The Seventh Dimension‘.

Kenny Davis – Down

Kenny Davis drops a high-energy instrumental entitled ‘Down‘ in celebration of Bandcamp Friday.

0161Bowza x Adam R – Work Ah Run

0161Bowza links up with producer Adam R on the joint project ‘Work Ah Run‘.

Tommy Biz x Lewi B – Immaculate Perception

Tommy Biz and Lewi B link up on their joint project ‘Immaculate Perception‘ with features including Tintz, Row D, Flowtecs and a whole host more.