This week’s Wheel Up Wednesdays is curated by myself, Lozzy C, I’ve rounded up my favourite radio sets from the past 7 days, showcasing the best instrumentals, blends, and mixes from the wizards behind the decks, and delving into all aspects of Grime, 140, garage, and more.

Kirby T‘s featuring again on Wheel Up Wednesdays ‘cos this guy is a radio machine. Amazing content on both his Reprezent show and Pyro Radio show. This time though, we’re at Pyro. Kirby invited Chowerman, XP, Razor and Joe Fire for an incredible set. Four of my favourite MCs about right now, and this set proved why. Kirby chopping and blending his way through some massive tunes.

Cicely absolutely killed her mix hour for Foundation FM with a crazy selection of heavy hitting breaks, Jungle and UKG tunes. Absolute stomper of a mix.

On Rinse FMOblig went B2B with JLSXND7RS for the last hour of his show. Loved listening to this, two DJs with different styles and selections, but it definitely worked. Catch Oblig on Rinse every Friday.

Back to Pyro, where Jack Dat had Slewdem members G Man and Chronik pass through for a throwback set. Jack Dat spinning old school grime slammers for the veteran MCs.

I know, it’s a lot of Pyro Radio, but what can I say? They have an incredible roster of Djs who bring through the best MCs, and there’s a camera in front of every set. Here’s further proof: Trends B2B D.O.K with Manga Saint Hilare, Tintz, Joe Fire & Tiny Godfather. Need I say more?