After almost 2 years away from the Grime scene, Dot Rotten has returned again to bless us with a brand new single, over a refix of his legendary ‘Rowdy Riddim‘ instrumental.

Dropping the instrumental a day before under his ‘Zeph Ellis‘ pseudonym, it didn’t take long for Dot Rotten to lace the track with bars, addressing the entire Grime scene and sending shots towards multiple MCs and artists in the scene, including Wiley and Jammer,  with stray shots reaching as far as to reach Complex UK‘s Editor-in-chief Joseph Patterson and even Keepin’ It Grimy‘s own Logan Sama.

The release of the ‘Rowdy Riddim Reborn‘ sparked the creation of multiple vocals over the track, with MCs Realz, Saskilla, and Ten Dixon releasing teaser videos on Twitter, with many more MCs voicing their intention to create versions of their own.