Narrowing down the entire discography of one of the greatest Grime artists of all time, Skepta, is a near-impossible task, but who else would be qualified to select the top 5 Skepta tunes than his two siblings, JME and Julie Adenuga, and legendary Grime DJ (and Keepin’ It Grimy‘s big boss) Logan Sama? Well, the latest edition of ‘Julie’s Top 5‘ show attempts to do just that, with the three experts expressing their personal top 5 lists, before coming together to attempt (despite JME‘s pushback) to create a collaborative, definitive list of the top 5 Skepta tracks throughout his entire career.

Navigating Skepta‘s almost 20-year career throughout various genres and styles, discussing his production credits and vocal deliveries, and even having to call on audience help to decide on their fifth and final track, the episode is essential viewing for all Skepta fans, both informative and entertaining throughout.

Take in the episode above!