The hotly anticipated ‘WhoopDiDiDoo Tape‘ is finally here, coming as the first project released by South London’s Renz.

Featuring his previous releases ‘Loose‘, ‘PullUpInADinger‘, ‘Active‘, Readies‘, and ‘Bit Of Me‘, alongside some new heat, the 13-track EP includes production from frequent collaborators Duppy and DJ IYAYI , as well as instrumentals from established legends such as JME, Sir Spyro, Rude Kid, and Novelist. Tackling a range of sounds from eski-beats inspired Grime chops, gripping RnG ballads, and UK Drill , the project is made up of mostly solo Renz vocals, only featuring Duppy and Squintz on ‘Bills‘ and a back to back to back with Squintz and Cadell on ‘Can’t Clash Me‘.

Since kicking off the year with the high-powered war dub ‘LooseRenz‘s name has been buzzing around the scene and the ‘WhoopDiDiDoo Tape‘ is sure to renew the conversations about the 23-year old’s space in the scene.

Check out the full ‘ WhoopDiDiDoo Tape‘ above, and check out Renz‘s previously released music video for ‘LooseHERE.