Grime Originals has time and time again shown itself to be one of the premier Grime nights as of recent years, not only showcasing some of the biggest talents from the original Grime class (you could call them the Grime Originals), but also highlighting the up-and-coming generation of Grime MCs and DJs taking the scene by storm with special ‘The Next Legacy‘ nights via Sharky Major‘s Major Muzik label.

Taking to Twitter, the Grime Originals founder and CEO Sharky Major announced the return of the incredible ‘The Next Legacy‘ events, which haven’t occurred since pre-pandemic times, alongside teasing the announcement of a full lineup, which is already rumored to include names such as Blay Vision, Logan, Rival, Cadell, Tintz, Kruz Leone, and Duppy (according to the ticket link)

Be sure to grab your tickets to the event HERE.