Tommy B is back with Part 2 of his ‘Euro Freestyle‘, just ahead of England’s semi-final match against Denmark in the EUROS2020 competition.

Just like the last instalment, we have Jonny 5ive to thank for the production, while the Essex MC sprays bars about the England squad, touching on his previous criticism of the squad’s gaffer Southgate while referencing the performances from players on the team. Tommy B stands firm in his faith in the team, promising that they’ll surpass Denmark in the Semi-Finals match, and then defeat Italy in the finals. Ending the freestyle with every England fan’s favourite phrase – “It’s Coming Home!“, Tommy B once again attempts to uplift the spirits of every player and fan in the country while walking through Wembley.

Check out the ‘Euro Freestyle Part 2‘ above, and check out the first ‘Euro FreestyleHERE.