Keepin’ It Grimy’s very own El Formosa has announced her brand new radio show landing on ModeFM, debuting on the 11th of May and following on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month!

El Formosa has long been involved in the Grime scene, writing for Once Upon A Grime and Keepin’ It Grimy, acting as one of the figureheads for the upcoming Grime Network app, and running her podcast ‘Mental Health In Grime‘ where she opens the door to conversation about mental health, while joined by Grime artists from all areas of the scene.

El plans to carry on the tone set with her podcast on The El Show, promising an hour of the best Grime music on offer, following that with “in-depth interviews with key players in the scene” for the second hour, in a segment called ‘Mental Health in Music‘.

Make sure to tune in to The El Show every fortnight on ModeFM (CLICK HERE) and follow El for more updates (HERE).