Rude Kid‘s latest instrumental, titled ‘Narcos‘, made waves in the Grime scene with the producer introducing the ‘Narcos Challenge‘ in early February, allowing multiple MCs to lay slick freestyles over the beat. However, Jus Jammin took his opportunity to send shots for (who at the time was not directly named) King Rah, who has since replied with his own freestyle over the Narcos instrumental titled ‘Cool Runnings

Jus Jammin – Narcos Freestyle

Jammin doesn’t hesitate to go on the offensive, as it only takes four bars for him to mention ‘’nuff of these youts ain’t diamond tested, pass me the mic let me merk this fraud‘, following that by calling back to King Rah (Who he later refers to as ‘likkle bald marble head‘ and ‘likkle Malteser‘) having dissed Jammin before, but discrediting his earlier efforts with ‘that little King tried swing but the tump was weak‘. Jammin warns King Rah that warring him is dangerous, and backs that up in the send with his effortless rhyme schemes & laid-back flow. The main focus of the dub, however, lies with Jammin asking ‘how did he get a reload?‘, which he answers by further diminishing King Rah’s skills as an MC with ‘he must be Sharky’s friend, that’s how he got a reload‘, alluding to King Rah being signed to Sharky Major‘s label Major Muzik, insinuating that without the help of his friends & label, he doesn’t have the skill to be held in the regard he is currently. You can listen to Jammin‘s Narcos Freestyle on IGTV by CLICKING HERE.

King Rah – Cool Runnings

In his reply, King Rah wastes no time in asking questions of his own, starting the send by asking ‘why does Sanka wanna clash me?‘ in a hook that shares the same laid-back energy as Jammin‘s dub. King Rah takes his own opportunity to discredit Jammin with ‘all of your studio sessions end with the engineer saying ‘let’s try again next time’‘. After continuing to devalue Jammin’s abilities as an MC (with clever Christmas-based wordplay), King Rah also touches on Jammin’s relative inactivity by calling him the ‘ghost of Grime‘. Calling back to Jammin‘s initial dub, King Rah directly replies to Jammin’s questioning with ‘Jammin is 40, still caring about reloads? My g, that life dead off”, expanding on this by explaining his investments in ‘road and shows‘ being worth more than Jammin’s investments in crypto-currency, and Jammin’s perceived lack of skill as an MC not getting him paid by music either. King Rah fires direct shots for the entire dub, showing the same disdain towards Jammin that Jammin showed to him in the first send. The send ends with a clip of the movie which the track was named after, ‘Cool Runnings‘, where the main character Sanka (hence why King Rah refers to Jammin as Sanka throughout the dub) is busking for money and is paid to shut up, hinting at Jammin’s alleged brokeness.

The war is well and truly underway, and with both sides firing direct shots straight at each other, it doesn’t seem to have any signs of slowing down. While we wait for a potential reply, Jammin took to IGTV to react to King Rah‘s ‘Cool Runnings’ video, giving his own insight into his oppositions’ send while poking fun at him at the same time, which you can watch HERE.