J-Wing presents the documentary ‘Raw & Uncut Freeze FM – (2003)‘.

Cast your mind back to pirate radio days and amongst the most memorable stations – Deja Vu, Upfront FM, Delight FM (to name a few), you’ll remember Freeze 92.7.

Raw & Uncut Freeze FM‘ is a documentary of never before seen footage, inside Freeze FM. Watch it and be transported back to a time when the scene was fresh and some of today’s most well-known MCs were just starting out.

Check out the documentary below:

Freeze FM was one of London’s leading pirate radio stations. Although East London is credited as being the birth place of Grime, Freeze FM definitely cemented itself in Grime foundations despite being in West London.

The station saw a myriad of MCs, DJs and crews pass through its doors, blessing the airwaves with Grime music. One such crew was Musical Mob Royale, consisting of members, J-Wing, Dynamic M, Tiny G, Rugrat, Dizzman, DJ Manic Vinyl and DJ Aron Vibe. Blessing the airwaves every week during a primetime slot – Friday 10 to 12 – the Musical Mob Royale show, hosted many MCs in the scene.

The pirate radio experience, whether that be as an artist or a listener, is one that is unforgettable because of the beats, clashes and sheer joy at being part of something exclusive only to those in the know. This documentary brings that back to those who remember it and also can open the door for a new generation to enjoy.

Ashley J contributed to the editing and assembly of this footage. There will be a documentary from him in the future about the story of pirate radio.