Big  Zuu has released a brand new banger titled ‘Variation‘ teaming up with the legendary D Double ESir Spyro, and Joker. Watch it here:

Big Zuu and D Double E take to mic duties, as Zuu kicks off the track with a slick verse detailing his rise until now, letting us know the skill he possesses and the faith he has in his abilities. Zuu makes it clear he’s always stayed true to himself through his journey and explains how he reaps the rewards with a catchy hook. As always, Big Zuu doesn’t shy away from touching on current world affairs, as he mentions the backlash towards the Black Lives Matter movement.

D Double E initiates his verse with his trademark adlibs, before delivering a short but sick verse utilising his signature flow to let us know why he’s your favourite MC’s favourite MC before Big Zuu picks up the mic again.

Variation features collaborative production from veteran Grime producer & DJ Sir Spyro and 2009’s “King of Bass Music” Joker, and the influence from both is clear throughout, as Joker draws for the mid-range synths present in the genre of his creation – “purple sound”, while Spyro brings through a drum pattern that’s guaranteed to make you bop while you listen.

The visuals (courtesy of Kelvin Jones) were uploaded to the official Big Zuu YouTube Channel show Zuu and D Double riding through the ends, while Zuu prepares to tour the UK after the release of his book “Big Zuu’s Big Eats“, with cameos from Big Zuu’s friends (some of which you might recognise as his show’s cohosts Tubsey and Hyder, or fellow MCs AJ Tracey and Crafty893), which you can check out above.