Tommy B takes a look back at his past, opening up on his latest release ‘My People‘.

Produced by Izamik, Tommy B uses ‘My Story‘ to tell not just his own story, but a story from the perspective of many of us that grew up working class in one of the wealthiest countries on the planet and the effects that this has on us whilst growing up.

Standing tall and being proud of where he comes from as well as where he has got to, ‘My People‘ is a track about unity and reflection. Sharing a story that so many of us can relate to, Tommy B speaks on seeing life as a pessimist before seeing there is much more to life as well as sticking up for and with all those around him.

Taking to Twitter, Tommy B put out a letter along with the release of ‘My People’ explaining the purpose and context of the track. Stating “If you relate in any way, it’s you who I am speaking to AND for on this record”. Never one to shy away from who he is and consistently filling his releases with a deeper meaning this is just another example of Tommy’s talents as an artist as well as his authenticity.

Stream ‘My People’ above!