Known for his quality of music rather than the quantity, Shizz McNaughty presents another solid release in the form of EP ‘Naughty Norties Bootleg‘. This Bandcamp exclusive features 8 tracks of summery instrumentals all produced by Shizz.

In Shizz’s own words: “I love flipping songs that maybe I grew up hearing or something that could be new that hits me. Ive put together this EP to home -in some flips that I have done. I didn’t make these with a generation feel but one of the oldest flips on the EP is ‘U Sure‘ and Fish Go Deep on ‘On A Beach‘. This is just my attempt to put a new swing on it. Something that peoples could really vibes to without an MC yapping over it, just appreciating sounds of music.”

You can preview and purchase the ‘Naughty Norties  Bootleg EP‘ on Shizz’s Bandcamp HERE.