Wow, a quarter of the year, gone just like that. What a ride it’s been so far, huh? Welcome back to Keepin’ It Grimy’s Weekly Wrap Up, the home of everything Grime over the last 7 days, so take a look below and make sure you’re all caught up before the new week begins!

Logan Sama – ‘Skepta Special’ Shop Sounds for WellGosh

In celebration of Skepta‘s latest collaboration with Nike to create the Nike x Skepta SK Air Max Tailwind VWellGosh called upon legendary Grime DJ and a long-time collaborator of SkeptaLogan Sama, for another edition of their series Shop Sounds, where the seasoned selecta spun his favourite tracks from the Boy Better Know co-founder, drawing from Skepta‘s extensive discography, both old and new.

Jammer announces ‘Top Producer’

Jammer revealed the launch of his new show – ‘Top Producer‘, a YouTube series tailored towards producers of all genres, where Jammer and friends review instrumentals submitted by producers each week. The show will serve as a way to help up & coming producers get recognition and get in contact with artists

DJ Target announces Grime Kids TV adaptation

Veteran Grime DJ and BBC 1xtra resident DJ Target took to social media to announce that his book ‘Grime Kids‘ (Target‘s personal recounting of the birth of Grime and the evolution of the sound since) is being turned into a BBC Drama series, produced by Mammoth Screens (with DJ Target acting as one of the executive producers) and written by BAFTA-nominated Theresa Ikoko. The show is scheduled to release in 2022 and DJ Target hopes “it celebrates and cements the contribution of young people across the country to British history, art and culture“.

D Double E announces new tour dates

D Double E took to Twitter to announce brand new dates for his tour, which had to be rescheduled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Hosted by Denz & Renz, the D Double tour offers 6 stops across the UK between the 12th – 17th of December. Both fans and D Double E himself have been itching for this tour to commence, with the MC promising to perform his revered classics and newest bangers, alongside teasing some very special guests.

Merky Ace – Sticks and Stones

Merky Ace has blessed us this Friday with an impromptu release of his newest album ‘Sticks and Stones‘. Containing 12 high-energy tracks, ‘Sticks and Stones‘ features tracks produced by JME, Silencer, Heavytrackerz, and more. Merky Ace brings pure greaze to the Bandcamp exclusive project, resulting in a very pleasant surprise for his fans.

Sticks & Stones by Merky ACE

Blay Vision – Produced By Blay Vol.2

MC and producer Blay Vision has gifted us his highly-anticipated project ‘Produced By Blay Vol.2‘, a (mostly) instrumental project containing some of the North Londoner’s best creations from behind the buttons, with the instrumentals to tracks such as ‘Here‘ (which featured JME on mic duties) and ‘HP Bars‘ (which was laced with verses from Mayhem NODBEyez, and Blay himself). The only track to feature lyrics, however, comes in the form of the opening of the album, a single titled ‘No Mistakes‘, where Blay and Merky Ace lay bars over the production that seems to be a VIP or Refix of another of Blay‘s riddims – ‘Turning In My Grave‘, which featured Manga Saint Hilare.

Produced By Blay Vol. 2 by Blay Vision

Duppy – Barcode

Although Duppy has previously made it clear he is skilled both spitting on the mic and making beats on the PC, the 21-year-old has taken a step away from the screen with his newest single ‘Barcode‘, which is produced by two of the heavyweights from the IAmGrime collective, Jammz Jackdat (an instrumental that keen fans will recognise as ‘Loop 1‘ from Jammz’s ‘Free Up The Riddims Volume 2‘ project). Bringing his radio-ready bars, Duppy finds a new home for the lyrics as he skips around pockets between the synth stabs of the instrumental.

Barcode [Prod. By Jammz & Jackdat] by Duppy

Sharky Major – Bills To Pay ft. D Power Diesle, Discarda

Major Muzik and GrimeOriginals head honcho Sharky Major has enlisted D Power Diesle and Discarda for a pounding offering called ‘Bills To Pay‘. Firing off over the Z Dot Krunchie co-produced instrumental, the veteran trio deliver slick verses with Discarda also offering a gritty hook, with the MC’s spitting about stacking their cash with the same drive they had years ago, letting us know that, despite the recognition they’ve achieved over their careers, they’re still just as hungry as ever.

Grandmixxer vs Mez – Versus 002

Grandmixxer is back with the second edition of his ‘Versus‘ EP series, this time hailing frequent collaborator Mez for another 2 track release. ‘Versus 002‘ kicks off with ‘Babylon 5‘ – a bouncy offering that brings the classic flavours from both artists on display, with the sharp-tongued Nottingham MC rattling off bars old and new over the instrumental, which we find out is actually a Mez remix of Grandmixxer‘s ‘Free Gaza‘ instrumental.

Grandmixxer Vs Mez – Versus 002- EP by GRANDMIXXER

Dimzy – My Story ft. Frisco

Bridging the gap between generations and strengthening the bonds between the UK music scene, 67‘s Dimzy looks away from the Drill scene and instead turns to Grime for a feature from Frisco for his latest release ‘My Story‘. The two are widely regarded as some of the key figures in the growth of their respective genres and, although this track is a change of pace from Frisco‘s usual excursions on 140bpm, the BBK member lays down a reflective verse with his signature Grime flow, while he calls back to his life before music.

Frisco – Frisstyle Edition 2

Frisco returns to his YouTube freestyle series with the second episode of ‘Frisstyle‘, where, similar to the first video, Big Fris unleashes a savage verse from his home, with an uncomplicated animated video that shows Frisco gliding over the instrumental.

Frisco announces new dates for The Familiar Stranger Tour

After multiple complications and postponements due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Frisco took to Twitter to announce that his The Familiar Stranger tour has been rescheduled for September 2021. With the album of the same name initially releasing in October 2020, the tour stands to deliver a long-overdue celebration of the project, and the five dates are the perfect opportunity to do so.

PK – Hustle & Bustle

The “Camden Lad” PK returns with his first release of 2021, a slower and darker offering titled ‘Hustle & Bustle‘. In stark contrast to the style we usually know the YGG member for, ‘Hustle & Bustle‘ has the MC leaving his usual accelerated flow behind, instead opting to deliver every bar with intent while he spits about his attitude towards the grind.

Splurt Diablo – Kill Switch

Bandcamp Friday has been a good day for fans of Merky Ace, as, despite already releasing a vocal album on the same day (the aforementioned ‘Sticks and Stones‘), has also released an instrumental project – ‘Kill Switch‘ under his moniker Splurt Diablo. The album is almost double the length of ‘Sticks and Stones‘, offering flavours from all corners of Grime production.

Kill Switch by Splurt Diablo

Dullahbeatz – Dragon Punch

Dullahbeatz is back with his first release of 2021, an instrumental titled ‘Dragon Punch‘, which is a bouncy offering from the NAA co-founder. Released under the Earthspin Recordings label, the complexity of ‘Dragon Punch‘ seems to introduce new elements with every listen, and will be sure to lock off future raves or complete a DJ’s instrumental mix.

Dragon Punch by Dullah Beatz

Lady Shocker – God Mode ft. Funky Dee, Pre Wavy

Pre WavyLady Shocker and Funky Dee all team up for an ethereal offering called ‘God Mode‘. The track is sandwiched with verses from Lady Shocker, with Funky Dee delivering an infectious hook and Pre Wavy spitting a self-assured verse in between while they fire off punchlines relating to different Gods from different mythologies to speak on their levels.

Yung Jaay – Run Him Down ft. Hitman, AdotWiz, Savz

Run Him Down serves as a high-energy linkup between four Birmingham vocalists, calling back to the “highly populated” tracks prevalent in the earlier days of Grime. With Yung Jaay‘s short but catchy hook acting as a break between heavy verses from HitmanAdotWiz, and Savz, the visuals (courtesy of Ky Williams) feature clean transitions between each MC, as they rattle off bars that serve as a warning shot to anyone who wants to mess with them, and will be sure to shut down raves in the future.

Raggo Zulu Rebel – Boring ft. Jammz

Just in time for the entrance of spring, Raggo Zulu Rebel and Jammz have teamed up for ragga style track ‘Boring‘. The lighthearted single was co-produced by Jammz and Toast and is a perfect base for Raggo Zulu Rebel to build on as he calmly flows through the track. Jammz is also found on chorus duties, rounding off the relaxing track & maintaining the chilled vibe throughout.

Joe Fire – Dat Talk ft. BWZ

Having released ‘Dat Talk‘ earlier in the year, Joe Fire and BWZ have also produced a music video for the single (courtesy of Go Big TV). Spitting over an instrumental produced by Alien Musik, the pair let off cruddy bars that big up their own levels on the mic, and the lack thereof of their opposition. The clean-cut video shows Joe Fire and BWZ unleashing their bars while also containing cameos from friends and frequent collaborators of the pair, including the Blackcrown collective (K-wingTiny Godfather, and J-wing) and Blacklike Tintz.

DJ BPM presents Ivor Warton Woods – Beethoven Beat Up Remix Project

With the most unique offering of the week, DJ BPM has dropped the first project on her new label ‘Feral Dubs‘ – an eleven-track compilation project which contains remixes of Ivor Warton Woods‘ classical piano pieces, reimagined by various producers in Grime. The project is a cross-genre masterpiece, with each producer transforming the orchestral performances into gritty Grime productions.

Ivor Warton Woods – Beethoven Beat Up remix Project by FERAL DUBS

Row D – instruMENTALs Vol.2

Bringing us his first solo release of the year, Row D unveils a new four-track instrumental pack titled ‘instruMENTALs Vol 2‘. The producer adds unique string samples in his riddims, creating complex layers within each track that every music fan would be glad to divulge in.

instruMENTALs Vol 2 by Row D

Hitman Tiga – Run Da Riddim Vol.2

Hitman Tiga returns with another instrumental pack full of self-proclaimed “shower man riddims” called ‘Run Da Riddim Vol.2‘. Kicking off the project with a refix of the iconic “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly” theme, Hitman Tiga has truly elevated the level of his production game and created some masterful riddims.

Run Da Riddim Vol.2 by Hitman Tiga

Villain – Argh Man ft. Swarvo

Releasing under the Rhythm Rollers label, Villain and Swarvo have got together to create a thumping, rave-ready single titled ‘Argh Man‘. The duo trade bars over the Izamik instrumental, with the style they’ve been honing throughout their lengthy careers. Villain has recently been sighted frequenting Wiley‘s recording studio ‘The Village‘, often appearing on the Eski Dance live streams, a testament to his unrelenting work rate.

JT The Goon – Depths of Life

JT The Goon is back with another instrumental pack released for Bandcamp Friday, this time releasing a four-track EP titled ‘Depths of Life‘.Released by the Earthspin Recordings label, they described the EP as “organic grime production with an essential edge of unpredictability and Earthspin experimentation “.

Depths Of Life EP by JT-THE-GOON

Logan – Skippy Psycho

Since establishing a reputation for being at almost every radio set in 2018, Logan is the embodiment of work-rate and he shows no signs of slowing down as he releases an instrumental track called ‘Skippy Psycho‘. The instrumental gives off a spooky, almost ethereal vibe, while still being up-tempo and impossible to not bop along, even featuring his signature “Behave” ad-lib. Alongside the single, Logan has also dropped a bonus instrumental track ‘P5‘, which seems almost like a sequel to ‘Skippy Psycho

SKIPPY PSYCHO by Logan (From The OtherSide)

Jakebob & MJK – 5518

Powerhouse production duo Jakebob and MJK have finally released the instrumental ‘5518‘, a bouncy offering that once served as the backing to a dubplate that was graced with verses from Micofcourse and Logan. The track is a self-proclaimed “Percy” by the creator, and many DJ’s will be glad to finally be able to add the track to their collection.

5518 by MJK + Jakebob

Female AllStars – Don’t Watch Me & Now Ur Here (Acapella)

The Female AllStars, a collective made up of Lady Shocker, Frankie Staywoke, NyNy, and Miz, have released the acapella versions of their previously released tracks ‘Don’t Watch Me‘ and ‘Now Ur Here‘. The crew made a buzz when they first released the singles, with ‘Now Ur Here‘ being created after their first headline show in the Czech Republic, and have been riding that wave of success ever since.

Now Ur Here (ft. JoJo Wave & Nehanda) by Female Allstars

Lady Shocker – Ready for War feat. Frankie Staywoke, Sense, Bobby Solo Shakes

Lady Shocker assembles the crew of Frankie StaywokeSense, and Bobby Solo Shakes for the vibesy ‘Ready for War‘. With Sense providing the catchy hook and featuring guest verses from Frankie Staywoke and Bobby Solo Shakes, ‘Ready for War‘ blends punchline-filled bars with rapid flows, resulting in an upbeat and high-energy single

Ready For War by Lady Shocker, Frankie Staywoke, Sense, Bobby Solo Shakes,

Groundhummm – All I Wear Is Tracksuits

Producer Groundhummm brings us a unique twist on Grime instrumentals with his first venture into the genre, bringing sounds traditionally found in the Heavy Metal genre into the world of 140bpm with his new instrumental album ‘All I Wear Is Tracksuits‘. Groundhummm tells us “I don’t want to sound like anyone else. I want to bring my own weird take to this scene and encourage expression and experimentation”.

DJ Absurd x Doni Rampage – Animal Mode

Working together from different sides of the Atlantic Ocean, French Grime pioneer DJ Absurd and South London’s Doni Rampage got together to create ‘Animal Mode‘. The French bass producer DJ Absurd brings classic Grimy synth stabs while the veteran MC Doni Rampage ravages the instrumental to create an international Grime anthem that will surely accelerate the growth of the genre in France.

Tophe x Grindhouse – Tokyo Drift

Powerhouse producer Grindhouse teams up with up-and-coming Watford MC Tophe for ‘Tokyo Drift‘. The up-tempo production by Grindhouse brings exotic flavours with an explicit influence from Japanese and East Asian music, while Tophe laces his bars with references to racing, paying homage to the ‘Fast & Furious‘ movie that the track is named after.

Tokyo Drift by Tophe X Grindhouse

Frankie Staywoke – Mental Matters

Frankie Staywoke reflects on her struggles with mental health in ‘Mental Matters‘, a slower track that, as the MC says herself, highlights the “harsh realities and common struggles of Mental Health“. Frankie Staywoke shows her more vulnerable side as she reveals her insecurities and her unhealthy coping mechanisms. ‘Mental Matters‘ acts as a testament to the strength of the artist and as a helping hand to listeners, with the captivating lyrics preaching the importance of looking after yourself.

Mental Matters by Frankie StayWoke