Documenting some of the biggest artists involved in the Brazilian Grime scene along with the rise of the genre across the country, Brazilian Grime documentary ‘COMO VOCÊ‘ is due to be released in March 2022.

With the rise of Brazilian Grime, dubbed Brime difficult to miss over the past few years, DJ, writer and music researcher Jesse Bernard has decided to document the growth of the genre in and amongst the major cities of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.

Focusing on artists such as Febem, SD9, Drope and MC Smith just to name a few, the documentary will take a look at how these Brazilian artists have fused South American sounds such as Baile Funk and Latin Dancehall with UK genres like Grime and UK Drill to create a whole new sound that has already brought us the likes of the ‘Brasil Grime Show‘ and Butterz‘ ‘BRIME!‘ EP.

Make sure you keep your eyes out for this one!