Today is a big day for the Grime scene – not only is it New Music Friday. but it’s also Bandcamp Day. 

Bandcamp Day is a big day for music, with the brand already known for supporting the artists that little bit more than the average music vendor, and #BandcampFriday – where the company waives their own share of fees – was created last year with the aim of carrying that support further!

We at Keepin’ It Grimy have put together a collection of the best #BandCampDay and #NewMusicFriday releases.

Take a look at what we have found:

Grindhouse – Memory Wipe

A remix of ‘Be Careful‘ by SBK, Shorty and Jme.

Manga Saint Hilare – Down

Manga releases 5 tracks of his instrumental productions.

Kenny Davis and Dullah Beatz – Radioactive EP

Experimental frequencies and warped bass lines make up this Grime EP.

Adam R and Efflex – More Pressure

A follow up of Pressure, consisting of 10 fresh instrumentals.

Owlybeats and Tophe – Dis One

Another sick collaboration from Owlybeats and Tophe.

Collistar – Geezers Need The Gospel

After a break away from music, Collistar is back with a hard-hitting ‘gospel rap’ EP.


An R&G riddim paired with a remix of Capo LeeDream‘.

Row D – Growth

Row D releases his debut album which stays true to its name. Listen to this with your headphones on and zone out to Row D’s deep thought-provoking bars and wide range of different productions.