After all of the major moves he’s made this year, we have no doubts that 2021 will be considered one of the better years of Big Zuu‘s career (so far), and to add to his rapidly growing list of accolades and accomplishments, Zuu has been called upon by the biggest Mixed Martial Arts promotion in the world – the UFC – to host a YouTube show titled ‘8 Questions with Steve-O‘, featuring the legendary stuntman and TV personality of Jackass fame.

Firing off questions at the UFC superfan, Zuu finds out about Steve-O‘s favourite UFC fights and fighters, his future plans on his ‘Bucket List Tour’, and his dream fight against Justin Bieber if they were to fight in the UFC.

Take in the video above with Big Zuu and Steve-O, and be sure to check out what we had to say about his upcoming debut album ‘NavigateHERE