Starting out their journey as a streetwear and art blog founded by Fred Conybeare and later joined by Freddy Masters who was working from Amsterdam at the time, Keep Hush came from humble beginnings. Running club nights under the Keep Hush name in both the UK and Holland, the pair finally decided to make the move to London in the hopes of creating events that would bring back the community feeling of record shops, and they did exactly that.

Utilising an office space that the pair were caretakers of at the time, they invited DJs down to record mixes for their blog which grew to host larger events in the space. This led to putting on an event in collaboration with White Peach Records with P Money, Flowdan, Irah, and Killa P, which led to them being kicked out of the building due to a lingering smell the next day. Luckily, Tom at Rye Wax would take them in, giving them a proper venue to host their events – and the rest is history.

Following this, Keep Hush has continued to host and promote underground dance music. From a collaborative EP with Nando’s and putting on events in Nando’s basements across London, Manchester, and Bristol, to the previously mentioned partnership with White Peach Records, as well as curating diverse lineups from P Money and Irah to LUCY and Sherelle, Fred and Freddy have been covering all genres of underground and dance music.

We’ve compiled our 10 favourite Grime sets hosted by Keep Hush over the years, which you can check out below!

Treble Clef w/ Kabz, Razor, Logan, Faultsz, Micofcourse | Keep Hush live: Oblig Presents

Taken from the ‘Oblig PresentsKeep Hush in celebration of DJ Oblig‘s birthday, the Kyote Guy, Treble Clef took to the decks bringing through Kabz, Razor, Faultsz, Micofcourse and Logan for a display of the levels that the younger generation of Grime can set.

DOK w/ Capo Lee, Logan, Empra, Kabz, Lyrical Strally + more | Keep Hush Live: DOK Shine EP Launch

Celebrating the launch of DOK‘s ‘Shine‘ EP (exactly 3 years ago today!), the man behind the night himself set up a huge list of MCs, including Lyrical Strally, Capo Lee, K9, and many more with endless through-balls, lining up some of the heaviest of DOKs productions.

General Courts w/ Mic TY, SBK, Jammz, JoSoSick, Razor, Kabz | Keep Hush Live: Tyrone 2 Special

SLSA‘s General Courts lined up Mic TY, sbk, Jammz, JoSoSick, Razor and Kabz with nothing but bangers in celebration of Mez‘s ‘Tyrone 2‘ project.

Plastician w/ Razor, K9, Jammz, Hitman Tiga, Logan, JoSoSick | Keep Hush Live: Plastician’s Birthday

Celebrating the birthday of the pioneer that is Plastician, the Plasticman himself supplied flawless blends of various genres before bringing through Razor, K9, Jammz, Hitman Tiga, Logan and JoSoSick to shell down the mic for the remainder of the set.

DJ Argue 30 MC Special | Keep Hush Live: DJ Argue + 30 MCs

One of Keep Hush‘s liveliest Grime sets, DJ Argue curated a huge lineup of over 30 MCs Including Nasty Jack, Ten Dixon, Squintz and more.

Grandmixxer w/ Mez, Jammer, Spits, Nasty Jack & So Large | Keep Hush live: Mez presents

Taken from the ‘Mez PresentsKeep Hush, Mez is joined by Jammer, Spits, Nasty Jack and So Large with Grandmixxer on decks.

Logan Sama b2b Terror Danjah w/ Flowdan, Riko Dan, PK, Irah, Discarda | Keep Hush Live

Two undisputed Grime pioneers, Logan Sama and Terror Danjah go back to back, hosting Flowdan, Riko Dan, PK, Irah, Discarda and more for an absolutely huge set.

Oblig w/ M.I.C, Kibo, Kish!, Kabz, JP & Musti | Keep Hush Live: M.I.C’s First Birthday Party

Taking on the decks we saw Oblig open up the set with an appearance from a violinist before supplying a blend of Grime and Drill with M.I.C, Kibo, Kish!, JP and Musti on the mic in celebration of M.I.C‘s birthday.

Spooky DJ set w/ Discarda, Micofcourse, Hitman Tiga & Crafty | Keep Hush Live X Mode FM

Mode FM and Keep Hush joined forces to put on an unforgettable set, headed up by Spooky we saw appearances from Discarda, Micofcourse, Hitman Tiga and Crafty 893.

DJ Argue pres: Hell in a Cell 2 | Keep Hush Live (ft. Flirta D, Ten Dixon, RD, Micofcourse & more)

By far a standout Keep Hush set by anyone’s standard, DJ Argue lined up ‘Hell in a Cell 2‘. Bringing through the likes of Ten Dixon, sbk, Flirta D, RD and more for a Royal Rumble type clash with both new and old gen MCs going head to head with no holds barred.