Welcome back to Keepin’ It Grimy’s Weekly Wrap Up! It’s been a big week for Grime, with some huge collaborations taking place throughout the week, recognition for some of the brightest stars in the scene, and some pure bangers having been released! With summer well and truly underway, we’re very excited to see how the change of seasons will affect the scene.

Big Narstie Show wins ‘Best Entertainment Show’ BAFTA & Big Zuu’s Big Eats Nominated

Kicking off our list with some huge recognition for some of of the biggest stars in Grime who have made waves by crossing over to the world of TV, Big Narstie and Big Zuu, whose respective TV shows ‘The Big Narstie Show‘ and ‘Big Zuu’s Big Eats‘ were both nominated for the prestigious BAFTA awards. Although ‘Big Eats‘ wasn’t quite able to beat out the very tough competition, ‘The Big Narstie Show‘ took home the prize for ‘Best Entertainment Show‘. In addition to this, both shows have been confirmed to continue with their second seasons, with ‘Big Zuu’s Big Eats‘ airing the first episode of their second season this week on Dave.

D Double E x Pepsi – Challenge Your Taste

The legendary D Double E has teamed up with Pepsi for their ‘Challenge Your Taste‘ campaign and creating the track used in their latest advert. Speaking on the advert and the campaign, D Double said “Creating the soundtrack for Challenge Your Taste was fun, I’m looking forward to seeing it drop. It was a cool campaign to be a part of, bringing the taste experience of Pepsi MAX to life in my own way meant I could play around with the sound and style of the music which I love doing – it’s not every day you get to bring the sound of cola to life!

Manga Saint Hilare – Don’t Just Sit There. Do Something

The veteran Manga Saint Hilare has teamed up with frequent collaborator Lewi B for the latest release from his upcoming project ‘Glow In The Dark‘, this time in the form of the hard-hitting ‘Don’t Just Sit There. Do Something‘. The atmospheric instrumental breathes life into the track while Manga spits hard bars showing off his levels as an MC, lacing his rhymes with high-level wordplay and punchlines throughout.

GRM Radio Episode 1 ft. Ghetts

GRM Daily launched their first episode of their new radio show (exclusively on Apple Music) called ‘GRM Radio‘, a show hosted by the founder and CEO of GRMPosty. The show is focused on showcasing the best of Black British Music, with mixes from resident DJ JoceWavy, performances on original formats such as the Daily Duppy, and special guest features from some of the best in UK Music, kicking off with Grime legend Ghetts.

Tommy B Euro Freestyle

In celebration of the start of the Euro2020 competition, Essex’s Tommy B released a video championing the England squad that will represent the country during the tournament. Spitting over a flipped version of ‘Bittersweet Symphony‘ (courtesy of Jonny 5ive), Tommy rings off countless punchlines and slick wordplay as he bigs up the Three Lions, with a spirit that is shared with football fans across the nation.

Dreps – Donz ft. P Money, Eksman

The trio of Lewisham-based veterans Dreps, P Money, and Eksman teamed up for a thumping Drum’n’Bass offering titled ‘DONZ‘, produced by DnB DJ and producer DJ Complex. Shouting out the SE borough throughout the tune, the three MCs ride the pounding instrumental with impeccable flow and self-assured bars, a testament to the talent of the three vocalists.

Manga Saint Hilare – Yewtube Advice 7

Manga Saint Hilare is many things. World-class MC, breakthrough producer, and recently, virtual agony aunt. In his most recent addition to the ‘Yewtube Advice‘ series, the veteran answers questions about pain relief, becoming an influencer, and clashing against MCs. Should you take the advice? Maybe not. But should you definitely give the video a watch? Definitely. Manga‘s dry but direct delivery is paired beautifully with the hilarious advice for an extremely entertaining video.

Dialect – EY UP! ft. K Dot

EY UP!‘ is a celebration of northern slang by two very exciting artists from up north, Leeds’ Dialect and Sheffield’s K Dot. The track rides on a heavy bassline instrumental courtesy of Nastee Boi, with the MC duo putting on for their ends throughout, offering playful flows to the release, while the video showcases Dialect, K Dot, and other northern talent performing to a super gassed crowd.

Kamakaze – Where We At ft. Trillary Banks

Two of Leicester’s biggest and best MCs combined for this soulful offering, as Kamakaze calls on Trillary Banks to spit on the smooth, vibe-filled ‘Where We At‘. The easygoing instrumental (courtesy of Lord Akira) allows the vocalists to reach deep into their storytelling bags and shed light on deeper topics, with the duo speaking on issues shared by many people in the world such as mental health troubles, mass poverty, incarceration, and much more.

Shay D x Lioness x Dibo – Best Shot

Another deeper offering, Shay D assembles an all-female power group by drafting in the legendary Lioness and Dibo for ‘Best Shot‘. Shay D reminisces on the struggles she faced in her early life and the responsibilities she had, followed by Lioness sharing life lessons she learned while grinding for her success and fighting through setbacks, with Dibo wrapping up the track on the same vein, as she tells parts of her life story and making it cclear that she did whatever it took to make it to the here and now.

MicOfCourse – OfCourse Style [Part 1]

West London’s Micofcourse has been on a tear of releases recently (something we are very happy about), dropping his latest single titled ‘OfCourse Style [Part 1]‘. Mic calls these his “throwaway bars” bringing through some bars that’ve been heard on sets from years back and brand new bars making their debut on this track. The sharp-tongued lyricist goes off on the track for almost 6 minutes straight, spitting over the Logan produced instrumental, touching on all type of subject matter, ranging from his illicit past to building his own PC, and then to his performance on DJ Argue‘s ‘Hell in a Cell‘, bringing incredible wordplay and punchlines from the jump.

D Double E x Mafia Bikes – Bluku Bike accessories

Another huge collaboration for the Grime legend, D Double E teamed up with BMX brand Mafia Bikes to design their new ‘Bluku Bikes‘ collection, creating some slick accessories, imprinted with his signature ‘Bluku’ adlib, such as bike seats, BMX peg mats, and grip tape.


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Dee Oh 7 – Dug Out Dubs Vol 1

Dee Oh 7, a Grime collective consisting of Slowie, SH The Producer, Jinxsta, and Durkle Disco have released their latest instrumental project titled ‘Dug Out Dubs Vol 1‘,their first ‘various artists’ project, with guest production from Baileys Brown, Beanzo, Glitch, Jakebob, Mr Skandal, Sertee, and $H The Producer. The mixed bag of producers let their personalities shine in their work, with each track offering different tastes of Grime as you go.

Joe the Freakshow – Move

Joe The Freakshow brings us a high-powered release, all the way from New Zealand, with his latest music video ‘Move‘. The MC brings rapid flows over a sinister instrumental, courtesy of Luther Diamond, with the same sentiment shared by the music video, as JTFS is shown being kidnapped and forced to spit his bars. Another shining example of the growing pool of massively talented Grime MCs outside of the UK.

NyNy – Keep it Real

Female Allstars‘ NyNy has dropped her first solo release of 2021, titled ‘Keep It Real‘. NyNy puts her vocal skills as both a singer and rapper on display, offering a melodic hook while also dropping slick verses in between, all over the RnB themed instrumental courtesy of Bill.

Came To Destroy – Frankie Staywoke ft. Lady Shocker

Another big offering from some of the Female Allstars members, as Frankie Staywoke calls on fellow team member Lady Shocker for the thumping ‘Came To Destroy‘. From the jump, Frankie Staywoke makes it clear that she knows her levels, making it clear that she’s not afraid of any MC, male or female, in terms of lyrical ability. Lady Shocker follows this up with a hard-hitting verse of her own, reinforcing the message that the Female Allstars are seriously talented members of the scene.

Squintz – Who I Am

North London’s own Squintz dropped the reflective ‘Who I Am‘, which explores the Mobset member’s past in order to explain what made him the man he is today. Squintz shares his experiences growing up in Edmonton Green and family struggles in the past that shaped his mindset, all over a melodic instrumental courtesy of Mood Boy.

Jakebob x Beanzo – Arcade

Producers Jakebob and Beanzo teamed up for a string-fuelled instrumental titled ‘Arcade‘, of which they provided two mixes of the track. ‘Arcade‘ is a high energy banger that is sure to find its way into many mixes and DJs USBs, with the ‘OG’ mix offering a busier, synth-heavy sound, and the ‘Pirate’ mix aiming for a deeper and darker feel.