Hi! I’m Lozzy C, and I curate Wheel Up Wednesdays for Keepin It Grimy. I round up my favourite radio sets from the past 7 days, showcasing the best instrumentals, blends, and mixes from the wizards behind the decks, and delving into all aspects of Grime, 140, garage, and more.

Oblig’s Rinse FM show saw Trim make a long awaited return to radio. Considering I haven’t heard Trim do any kind of rapping in years, I was seriously impressed with the way he bodied this solo, 35 minute set. Of course, he’s helped out by some beautiful selection from Oblig: check out Trim catching a Mssingno tune around 32 minutes.

Plastician’s set for Keep Hush and DJ Oneman’s Garden Party is such a good watch. He kicks off the set with some old-school Garage bangers, before moving on to some newer, clubbier bits. The 140 comes in around the half an hour mark and is heavy, but to be honest, the way i’m listening these genres does not do the set or the DJ justice. He’s carving through different genres and eras like they’re prime sirloin cuts, with the crowd anticipating every blend and tune. Also, WHO made that LPFJ2 flip at about 9 minutes?! Cheat code rave riddim.

This next set dropped literally seconds after I uploaded last week’s WUW, so I knew i needed to make sure it was featured this week. Nottingham’s Phidizz joined J Beatz on Mode London for an interview and set. I’m a big fan of the way Phidizz has used Tik Tok to rise quickly in the scene, dropping consistent freestyles and tunes that have garnered a lot of deserved attention. He’s proving, though, that he’s comfortable spitting these bars anywhere.

I hadn’t heard Ynez DJ before, but after listening to her set for Oneman’s garden party for Keep Hush, I definitely will keeping keep an eye open for her future output. This is an hour of beautiful Dubstep. There’s so much variation across the tunes played, yet the set is cohesive. In short, I loved every riddim, blend and transition. Sublime DJing.

Mia Lily’s mix hour for Foundation is an hour of bone rattling Garage, with some club tunes played towards the end. No other way of putting it, this is fantastic DJing, and a great listen. Big up, Mia!