Silencer calls upon Dizzee Rascal to put and end to the conversation, declaring ‘Grime Ain’t Dead‘ once and for all with their latest track.

Lacing the track with his signature flare, Silencer provides a dark, haunting production whilst Dizzee comes through with those trademark, skippy flows, all whilst stating “Grime ain’t dead, I’m still breathing. Grime ain’t dead, no ones grieving.”

The deadly duo dropped the Toxic directed visuals over on GRM Daily‘s and can be seen at the infamous Bow roundabout paying homage to a landmark in Grime as well as the memorial for the late DJ Scholar. Joined by D Double E, Novelist, Sir Spyro and more, the visuals capture multiple generations of Grime, cementing the statement made in the tracks title.

Check out the visuals above.