South London’s Renz is back on our screens with another vlog, again documenting the process behind some of his tracks, but this time joined by some familiar faces.

In this edition, Renz is joined by fellow Mob Set member SquintzDuppy, Shizz McNaughty, Cadell, and Wiley, all in Wiley‘s studios creating tunes, with some serious bangers being leaked. Renz takes us through his creative process, from initially writing his bars to recording them in the booth (even getting it done in one take!). The chemistry between the rising stars has been evident for time but watching them gel with the veterans of the scene has us all excited for the heat that’s coming through the pipeline.

After the studio session, Renz and Duppy meet with some of the more interesting residents of E3, leading to some amusing shenanigans with the duo.

Take in Renz‘s vlog above and subscribe to his YouTube channel HERE for more future content.