Lozzy’s Lounge‘ has quickly become essential viewing on Mode FM, with resident selecta Lozzy C picking the brains of some of the rising stars in Grime and underground UK music,  and the latest instalment is no different. Joining the DJ this week is Nics, the North-London based rapper and Grime MC who was a part of Grime’s 2017 “New Gen” resurgence and has been active in the scene ever since.

Kicking off the interview is the regular “Journey in 30” segment, where Nics details his start across various radio stations across London, before discussing the process of creating his music videos, leaving his comfort zone, his latest single ‘Vision 2021‘, ending the show with a slick, 10-minute set with Lozzy on the decks.

Make sure to check out the latest episode of ‘Lozzy’s Lounge‘ above!