Welcome to Wheel Up Wednesday, where I’ll take you through my favourite sets and mixes from the past 7 days.


Oblig and MJK went B2B on Balamii for two hours of brain melting blends at 150bpm. If I was to describe a lot of the music in this mix I would say it’s percussive Grime and Techno that’s both smooth and hard-hitting. Narrowing it to two genres like that is probably doing it a disservice, so I will say that it’s definitely in my top 5 mixes of the year so far.


Two giants of grime went B2B on Pyro Radio last night. A Trends and Grandmixxer mix is guaranteed to bring a screw to your face, and have your jaw hanging from the ridiculous technical ability on show, and this one is no different. There’s so much contrast in their styles of production and DJing, but when you bring it together, it really works. Tumpy mix.


IAMGRIME closed out their monthly Rinse FM show with a set from Mr FuriousEklipse and Dubz DFurious is coming with a lot of skippy tunes for this set, which are broken up with some dubsteppy, weightier ones that are handled confidently by the MCs. Impressive, given Eklipse and Dubz D are two names you wont see on a radio flyer too often.


Last week Oblig invited Phidizz down to the Rinse FM studio for his debut appearance on the station. Considering the setting and the crazy selection Oblig was throwing down (at a high tempo), I think this is a bloody good performance.


Closing out this week with a blinder of a set from Tyrant, who was in the guest mix for Meltout Crew on Reprezent Radio. This is an hour of heavy, rave-ready Funky, UKG and Bassline that’s mixed brilliantly. In my opinion, Tyrant is underrated and deserves his flowers. If you want to check out more of Tyrant, he has a show on Mode London.