Tommy B unveils his docu-series My People, sitting down with Grime pioneer Sharky Major for the first instalment.

Titled after his most recent release, the My People docu-series carries on the theme of track with Tommy B sitting down with other members of the Grime community and discussing their journey from humble, working class beginnings to becoming who they are today.

Speaking to his manager Sharky Major, the pair discuss the journey Sharky has been on; from DJ Major to N.A.S.T.Y Crew and now building Grime Originals where they not only celebrate the work of others through their platform but also host dances that have become the focal point within the Grime community. Staying true to the context behind ‘My People‘ the pair also speak on the importance of helping others and sharing knowledge, something Sharky has been promoting through his label, Major Musik Entertainment.

Check out the first episode above!