Sharky Major has called upon Discarda and D Power Diesle to drop a massive video for their latest release ‘Bills to Pay‘. The trio are veterans of Grime and are universally held in high regard by fans  – but how did they reach that status? The subject matter of ‘Bills to Pay‘ tells you all you need to know, as the MCs spit on their attitudes toward the grind and the successes they’ve seen because of it.

Bills to Pay‘ is a track that’s sure to be remembered for years to come, with all three vocalists shelling off over the thumping instrumental, courtesy of a ZDot and Krunchie collaboration. The visuals, curated by Das Können, are beyond the levels of just a music video and kick off with movie-like drone shots of London, before snappy cuts of the trio, all kitted out in Sharky Major‘s Grime Originals clothing, alongside cameos of some members of the Major Muzik label Tommy B and K9.

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