Despite a break in the wave of war dubs recently, Shao Dow unleashes a scathing dub for Eren Yeager, the main protagonist of the ‘Attack On Titan‘ anime series.

With Shao Dow so ingrained in Japanese culture, performing anime-themed Grime all over the world, and spitting in both English and Japanese, this is yet another shining example of Shao Dow‘s lyrical prowess and rapid-fire flows, firing shot after shot toward the Anime character. Fans of the ‘Attack on Titan‘ series will catch the references to Eren‘s storyline throughout the show, while non-fans can still appreciate the upfront jabs towards him and Shao Dow‘s wicked delivery of them.

Although a scorching diss track in its own right, ‘Eren Yeager Fi DEAD‘ serves a deeper purpose below the surface, acting as an opportunity for Shao Dow to express his opinions on the “morality questions” present in the show, and mirroring those same questions to current events and conflicts happening in the real world today, questioning the reasoning behind the conflict (whilst simultaneously critiquing the character of Eren Yaeger)

An extremely skilful display of lyricism, flow, and real-world reflection all in one package, Shao Dow continues to prove that his light-hearted take on the otherwise harsh and gritty Grime sound can propel the scene and the artists in it to new heights.

Take in ‘Eren Yeager Fi DEAD‘ above!