Andrew Bronson has been around the Grime scene for a minute now and in the latest edition of his IGTV-exclusive freestyle series ‘Bronson Bars‘, has hailed Renz to deliver a ruthless offering. The Mob Set member rings off razor-sharp bars over a DJ Iyayi produced instrumental while firing shots at MC’s Subten, Reece West and Aaze.

Click below to watch the one take freestyle.

The beef between Renz and the three aforementioned MC’s has been slowly brewing for a number of years, with Subten brought into the mix due to a back-and-forth on Twitter instigated by Reece West, who Renz had been going against even before that and has name-dropped to diss in many prior freestyles and radio sets, about their performances at a Grime Originals show in Vauxhall in 2018, which was followed by an altercation between Reece West and Renz. To diss Subten, Renz references a Dizzee Rascal red carpet interview, in which the Grime superstar refers to Subten as “another kid” when talking to Kiss Fresh.

Finally, revisiting his beef with Lewisham’s Aaze, Renz recognises him as “the bravest one to this day“, referring to the fact that Aaze is the only one of the three named MC’s to release dubs aimed at Renz (and the rest of his crew, Mob Set), with his 2018 Christmas Day SoundCloud release ‘Merry Dubmas‘ and his New Year’s Eve dub ‘Knobset‘, which were met with two replies from Squintz titled ‘HumBug‘ and (the now-deleted) ‘Idiot‘, and  Renz‘s ‘2-0‘. The war has been relatively quiet since then, apart from Renz occasionally namedropping him in his freestyles, but Renz has made it clear that he’s yet to forgive or forget, and proves that in his Bronson Bars freestyle.