We’re at the point in the year where spring is bringing all the flowers out to bloom, but today is all about a different kind of plant. In honour of 4/20, Razor has just dropped a brand new single titled ‘Paper Plane‘, featuring fellow Over The Edge member Kabz and produced by Hamdi.

Paper Plane‘ follows Razor‘s recent trend of incorporating laid-back flows as opposed to the traditional aggressive Grimy sound, instead bringing us the perfect chill vibes for every weed smokers favourite holiday. Despite this, Razor still lets us know he’s the man with an assertive opening verse, before delivering the very catchy hook, asking the real questions to everyone who indulges in the hobby, before Kabz delivers his slick bars with his classic flow and on-point delivery. With visuals courtesy of Kish!, we see Razor, Kabz, and various members of the Over The Edge 237 collectives rolling up and enjoying 4/20 properly.