Born in Coventry, raised in Birmingham, Midlands creative nineteen97 (aka Devsz) calls upon Brazilian Grime MC SD9 and Leon as feature’s on his latest single ‘Line Em Up‘.

Introducing the track with a timeless So Large sample performing his iconic ‘Line Em Up‘ bars before cutting to Leon who delivers 8 bars in the calmest manner and sets up a call and response with Devsz, the intimidating tone of the track is set from the jump. Calling upon Brazilian MC SD9 to finish off the track as an unexpected voice as well as showing nineteen97′s own interest in the Brazilian Grime scene just takes the track to a whole new level whilst creating an international link up between two artists already on the rise.

Directed by Kyle Williams and Devsz himself, the black and white music video can be found over on the nineteen97 Youtube channel. Cutting between scenes of mug shots being taken against a lineup wall and a clean set design whilst SD9 makes an appearance over video call, the visuals go hand in hand with the release itself.

Check the visuals above!