West London’s Micofcourse has been unstoppable recently, churning out weekly, high-quality releases, complete with visuals. This weeks offering is the long-awaited single ‘Backroads‘, which had a 24-hour Bandcamp release in May 2020, but has finally landed for an official release.

Backroads‘ is a more docile offering compared to Micofcourse‘s recent releases, but the storytelling tek is ever-present, as the MC recounts his younger days that gave him the nickname ‘Backroad Baby‘. With haunting production courtesy of TomInTheChamber, ‘Backroads‘ is a refreshing change of pace from Micofcourse‘s usual high-energy style, although this subdued release doesn’t make any compromises on lyrical ability. The audio for ‘Backroads‘ is accompanied by a simple looped Go-Pro video, showing two motorbike riders cutting through the streets, as is alluded to in the lyrics.

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