Producer Lewi B is the latest in a long line of Grime musicians to release his own ‘Cammy Riddim‘ version, providing us with an instrumental re-imagining of the inescapable tune. Riddling Blay Vision‘s track with trap-inspired hi-hats and claps, Lewi B‘s ‘Cammy Riddim‘ refix leaves his own imprint on the riddim, whilst still maintaining the distinct ‘Cammy Riddim‘ melody that we’ve grown to love over the last couple of months.

Rarely seen from pure instrumental releases however, is the fact that Lewi B also provided a music video for his ‘Cammy Riddim‘ instrumental, with cinematic shots showing Lewi B going about his day-to-day life, before stopping to flex some of his vintage vinyl collection and his Official UK Charts award for his work on JME‘s ‘Grime MC FM‘ album

Check out the video below!