In anticipation of Owlybeats‘s upcoming album ‘Nocturnal‘ (which lands at the end of May 2021 via the legendary DJ Slimzee‘s record label, Slimzos Recordings), we’ve been gifted with the third release from the project, this time in the form of the pounding ‘Physical Acts‘ with bars from Joe Fire.

Joe Fire wastes no time getting into the thick of it, firing off direct bars straight from the hip, telling everyone that he’s a force to be reckoned with both with the bars and off the mic, foregoing the very common “lyrical” flows to let us know he’s really about the life he spits about. Finding every pocket in the dark instrumental by Owlybeats, the haunting vibe is amplified with the warning of Fire‘s “physical acts“.

Check out the video above (courtesy of Bipolar Spider) and to stay up to date, follow Owlybeats HERE and Joe Fire HERE.