Our favourite time of the month is here yet again, with the latest episode of ‘The Grime Originals Show‘, this time with a stacked list of features made up of SBK, Bruza, and J Oh Zee.

Kicking off the show with a quick statement regarding the cancellation of the most recent Grime Originals event, we’re treated to the #GoMurkSessions performances and subsequent interviews (conducted by Manga Saint Hilare and Chloe Mykel) from SBK and Bruza, which both sandwich a mini-podcast featuring Manga, Chloe Mykel, and J Oh Zee. Rounding off the show, we’re blessed with some of the fan-favourite instalments in the form of Chloe Mykel‘s ‘The Round-Up” and Manga‘s Grime quiz.

As always, we believe the Grime Originals Show to be essential viewing for all Grime fans so be sure to check out the episode above.