Duppy has taken a step away from his usual high-octane Grimy sound, in a campaign that lobbies the government to change UK school curriculums, by shedding light on the most marginalised and underrepresented voices in literature, by becoming the voice of ‘The Blacklist

The Blacklist‘ was written by Gareth C E, Jack Walsh and Osagie Samuel, and features a host of Grime names in the production, with the instrumental courtesy of J Beatz, with Squintz responsible for mixing and mastering, and the group having been assembled by Ob-server. ‘The Blacklist‘ was pitched to Penguin Books for the campaign and was awarded the prestigious ‘Black Pencil’ award by the D&AD New Blood group, being one of only three recipients, alongside winning the ‘Yellow Pencil’ and ‘White Pencil’ awards.

Take in ‘The Blacklist‘ pitch above!