BBC Asian Network‘s DJ GoldTooth has dropped his second instalment of his monthly series ‘GoldTooth’s Grime Goldmine‘. A series where we see DJ GoldTooth dive into his immense vinyl collection and supply us with a 15 minute mini-mix of some real classics.

This time round GoldTooth opens up with Ruff Sqwad‘s ‘Xtra’ Instrumental produced by Rapid before taking us down a lane of nostalgia with more classic Grime instrumentals as well as “some of the newer belters”.

Adding to his insta post DJ GoldTooth said;

“Grime was my first love and the start of my journey into the 140bpm realm.
Seeing as Grime has come so far as a genre and evolved in so many ways, it’s only right that the classics get the attention they deserve! “

Check out the visuals for Volume 1 as well as the audio for both volumes on GoldTooth‘s Soundcloud above!