With Eski Dance Live: London vs Birmingham around the corner, Deadly R3AL has released a dub for “The Godfather” Wiley, merely a day after Jaykae started the lyrical war with his ‘Act Your Age!‘ dub (which you can check out HERE)

From the offset, Deadly fires off countless hardened bars, establishing his reputation as one of the most revered Birmingham spitters and unleashing direct bars towards Wiley, wasting no time with indirect lyrics to ensure the message is clearly conveyed: Deadly is here for the war. Deadly‘s opening statements on the track, however, hint that there is more to come as he states “this one is just pre-kwengings, it’s the warm-up to you getting merked

With two dubs coming from some of the biggest names in the Birmingham Grime scene, it’s only a matter of time until Wiley puts pen to paper to fire back towards the 0121 MCs, but in the meantime be sure to check out Deadly‘s track above.