After a brief respite in the lyrical warfare that had taken the Grime scene by storm a few weeks back, Cadell is back to reignite the conflict with his latest War Dub ‘20-1‘, firing shots at Reece West, Subten, and PK.

Spitting over an instrumental produced by BreadBoyUK (a frequent collaborator of Subten‘s) Cadell sends shots towards his opposing MCs for almost five full minutes, accusing the three of teaming up against him, and claiming to be levels above the MCs that have called his name. Arguing against claims that the ‘North London Flows‘ creators had banned Cadell from their Tottenham area, Cadell criticises Reece on his punchlines and flows, whilst also claiming to the North London duo that he was more advanced in his career than they were.

Another spicy offering in the conflict, packed to the brim with direct shots, we’re excited to see what kind of response this might draw out from Reece West, Subten, PK, or anyone else!

Check out the video for ‘20-1‘ above!