Easily the biggest buzz in Grime in recent memory, Blay Vision‘s ‘Cammy Riddim‘ has taken the scene by storm and opened the flood gates to hundreds of MCs to release their own freestyle versions over the instrumental. Before all of that though, it’s important to remember that Blay also dropped a vocal version of the track that reinvigorated the Grime scene, with a freestyle that has now received the visual treatment on Blay‘s own YouTube channel.

Unleashing a multitude of flows over the 4-minute track, Blay Vision and videographer Domo Gorille keep the visuals locked to shots of the North London MC and Producer spraying his bars above a London City skyline, timing snappy visual cuts with the most impactful of Blay‘s bars.

Finally coming full circle after the initial release of the ‘Cammy Riddim‘ freestyle and all of the versions we’ve seen since then, we’re glad to see Blay remind everyone that he has the barring ability to keep up with his tek behind the buttons.

Take in Blay Vision‘s ‘Cammy Riddim‘ freestyle above!