WIZE stays true to his producer tag on his latest 6-track project entitled ‘Delightz‘ ensuring your only reaction can be WIZE this one’s crazy.

Showing just how versatile of an artist he is, not only through the wide range of sounds heard throughout the relatively short project, but also by producing, mixing, recording and of course performing the project himself, WIZE has really set himself apart from the rest with this one.

Bringing through skippy Grime flows on tracks like ‘Run Run‘ and ‘Maybe‘ as well as melodic vocals on the likes of ‘Delightz‘ and ‘Let Me In‘, WIZE has added something for just about every ear. With a single feature coming from Greeze on ‘Drunk!‘ this project sits as a testament to WIZE‘s multifaceted talents and abilities to get involved in each and every aspect of his art.

Dropping a lyric video to the title track ‘Delightz‘, it is clear to see just how much fun WIZE is having with his music. Perhaps one of the reasons why every drop, whether it’s an edit, an instrumental or a single release of his own comes as a breath of fresh air.

Stream the project above!