Mobset‘s very own, Squintz celebrate his 24th birthday with the huge 24-track album ‘Sq Grime‘.

Consistently dropping bangers on us throughout 2022, Squintz has finally given us the long awaited ‘Sq Grime‘ album.

From Grime’s new-generation to some of the scenes legends, ‘Sq Grime‘ is a comprehensive display of the most active talent within the genre right now with huge list of features which includes DuppyLoganJme, Renz, L.Tee, Manga Saint Hilare, Kruz LeoneJonjo Lyons and even his dad, MC Qed. 

On top of the huge list of features, we see production credits that come just as strong. Taking on a very grimy feel throughout the project we hear production from Hitpoint, Duppy, JBC, Logan, SBeezy, Maxsta, Boss Mischief, Ghost, Osaar, Macarbre Unit, Snxpz, C Frescho and even Squintz himself.

make sure you take in the album above!