After months of waiting, Realz and the HeavyTrackerz have finally gifted us with their joint EP ‘Ground Zero‘.

‘Ground Zero‘ is a blissful walk through all of the genres that make up the UK music scene, with the project flicking between thumping Grime riddims such as the metal-infused ‘London‘ which features Capo Lee, Mercston and Rapid, to the previously released garage-like summer anthem ‘My Soul‘ with Nic Hundrds, and the Drill-themed bangers such as the opening track ‘On Voltz‘. Alongside the previously mentioned Capo Lee, Mercston, Rapid, and Nic Hundrds, the album also boasts features from Jobey, Jay Leone, and Big Swingz.

A very solid project from the veteran musicians, who have seen every trend in UK Music culture, using their experience to create a variable album that has tracks for everyone! Make sure to take it in above.