After a back-and-forth on Twitter that lasted a couple of days between Kruz Leone and PKKruz Leone dropped a war dub for PK titled ‘Pots and Pans‘, building on Kruz‘s opinion of PK‘s recent releases.

Taking over DJ Mondie‘s legendary ‘Straight‘ instrumental, Kruz Leone lets off rapid-fire bars discredit PK‘s abilities as an MC, telling him “you’re not even top 3 in your own crew, and there’s only 3 man in your whole crew” (referring to PK‘s fellow YGG members), whilst reiterating his first insult from the Twitter discourse – that PK’s tunes sound like “pots and pans

It certainly seems like war season is brewing within the Grime scene (despite it being a month after Christmas), and we’re eager to see if a reply comes from PK‘s corner.