Grime royalty and Boy Better Know member Frisco has finally released the ‘Tottenham‘ EP, a 7 track project that spans multiple genres, alongside a music video for single ‘Bad & Clean‘ featuring INFAMOUSIZAK

Taking over a drilly production by INFAMOUSIZAK himself, Frisco brings through his characteristic delivery, tinged with his trademark Patois influence, slotted between a catchy hook by the featured artist, culminating in a bouncy and light-hearted, rave-ready single. The music video (captured by Reece Selvedorai) shows Frisco, INFAMOUSIZAK, and many notable members of the Grime scene including BBK present while partying, presumably celebrating the release of the ‘Tottenham EP

The rest of the ‘Tottenham EP‘ contains the previously released ‘High Road‘ which features fellow Grime A-Listers P Money and Dizzee Rascal, and 5 other fresh tracks that honour Frisco‘s North London upbringing, paying homage to notable figures from the area (including multiple references to the late Mark Duggan throughout) that influence his sound. Frisco flexes his full versatility across the project, ranging from his traditional Grime sound to mellow rap-themed tracks.

Take in the visuals to ‘Bad & Clean‘ above, and the full ‘Tottenham‘ EP below!