Dagenham born, Grime pioneer Devlin drops his latest offering in the form of a 14-track project entitled ‘Eyes for the Blind‘.

Home to the previously released tracks ‘Popular Fashion‘, ‘All We Have Is Now‘ and ‘Next Breed‘, Devlin has been building up to the release of this project for some time. Following on from the release of ‘The Outcast‘ back in 2019, the project tackles many of those same issues.

Forever building on his art form and never failing to surprise, ‘Eyes for the Blind‘ features appearances from Jimmy Sharp, JME, Frisco, Syer B, Yizzy, Asher D, Matt Linen, Christina Marris and even Potter Payper, as well as production from both Jimmy Sharp and Lewi White. All coming together to create a project that experiments with a variety of sounds and forms of expression.

Releasing during a period of time where many of us are experiencing the troubles of life, Devlin chooses to use to album to express the ignorance inside many of us whilst trying tackle the issues within modern society.

Check out the project above!