With the COVID-19 pandemic acting as a roadblock for many musicians and other artists, the man generally regarded as the Grime scene founder, Wiley, has reached back to the DIY attitude that was ever-present during the days of pirate radio and hasn’t stopped working throughout the national lockdown, often having snippets of upcoming tracks posted on his family-run Instagram and Twitch accounts @wileyrecordings.

Over the last week, The Godfather has been treating his fans to live-streamed “Eski Dance” radio sets on IGTV, with almost daily live streams featuring countless DJs and MCs to bring the rave directly to our screens. Bridging the gap between Grime, Dancehall, Drill, Rap, and countless other genres, there’s a set for everyone, from OG Grime sets featuring Wiley, Riko DanIrahDiscarda, and K9 being regular appearances, to “Grime x Drill” sets with DJ Oblig, SBK, Direman, Shizz McNaughty, Funky Dee, and Keepin’ It Grimy’s very own Razor, to only name a few, alongside the usual cast.

If you’re feeling the lack of live events (like we are) then these live-streamed sets can’t be missed, and some of the previous sets can be found HERE and HERE