In a shock press release dropping on 06/05/2021, Essex MC Rolla has officially announced that he will remove all of his solo music from Spotify, Apple Music, and other streaming services.

Dropping the above post on his social media, Rolla‘s discography removal will include his last two projects, ‘Mind Over Matter‘ and ‘Whilst we’re all here‘, which featured Crafty 893, Tommy B, Joe Fire, TCDAGENIUS and Dutchie Limao, amongst others. The only project that will remain on Rolla‘s streaming profiles will be ‘BD13‘, the collaborative project created alongside TCDAGENIUS.

While we’re sad to see the removal of so much good music from the streaming services, Rolla promises some exciting moves in the near future and we’re very keen to see what he’s got planned after making such a monumental decision, so CLICK HERE to follow Rolla on Twitter and stay up to date with what happens next.