Manchester-based producer OwlyBeats has recently been on a streak of heavy releases in anticipation of his upcoming album ‘Nocturnal‘ and has now taken to Twitter to announce the full tracklist for the project.

With a blistering amount of features, OwlyBeats calls upon Grime legends such as Riko Dan, some of the best of the “New Gen” MCs including SBK, and homegrown Manchester talent such as Kious. The wide range of people involved is enough to get us amped, and after hearing the already released tracks – ‘Crash Corn‘ with Riko Dan, ‘Blacka Dan‘ with Tintz, and ‘Physical Acts‘ featuring Joe Fire – we’re more than excited for the full release.

Promising a variety of styles to go along with the features, the project will be released on BandCamp this Friday (21st May) via the Slimzos Recordings label, before a general release on streaming services a week after (28th May).

For more updates on ‘Nocturnal‘ and all the other goings-on from OwlyBeats, follow him on Twitter HERE, and check out the most recent release from the project, ‘Physical ActsHERE.